The experts at Carbonic Group are available to help you or your company with solutions that are configured to assist with your building inspection requirements. Our drone kits will not only allow you to visually view the buildings, but also take thermal checks on the exterior of the building’s surface. This allows you to safely and quickly check the status of the building and to help you identify defects, leakages, and corrosion issues without having to spend on additional personnel and equipment.

Inspections and surveys can be dangerous, costly, and time-consuming. Typically these inspections involve an inspector physically scaling the site in question, which involves using safety equipment that takes time to set up properly. A drone, on the other hand, can be piloted safely from the ground, eliminating the need for someone to physically get up close for the time being. Many of our employees and contractors are OHSA-certified, so we can ensure that operations are conducted in a safe environment.


Roof Inspection

A qualified roof inspector and drone pilot will work together to use the drone to search the roof for any leaks or other damage and potential problems. Images will be taken and used to analyze and plan for any repairs. Additionally, thermal imaging will be an option.

Building Inspection

A qualified building inspector and drone pilot will use the drone to inspect up, down, and all around the building taking images to analyze and determine if the building is up to legal standards, with thermal imaging being an additional option.

Construction Survey

The drone pilot will work with the construction site manager to use the drone to use its camera to survey the site and its surrounding area. The drone will take images from multiple angles, from wide, overhead shots to close-up shots at specific targets. These images then be used with 3D-mapping to help determine how well the project is progressing and how to continue.

Industrial Inspection

Thermal imaging will be used with the drone to capture images during inspections of powerlines, pipelines, flare and smoke stacks, and vehicle systems. The thermal images will be able to detect areas of leaks and damage which can then be analyzed and repaired.

Confined Space Inspection

Drones come in many shapes and sizes, including small enough to fly through small spaces deep underground. We will use a small drone wrapped inside a cage that can safely move through these tight spaces taking thermal images that can be used to analyze and solve the problem of any potential hazards.

Tower Inspection

Images can be taken using the drone’s camera during routine inspections that can be compared and analyzed. Images taken from multiple inspections can show a tower’s changes in orientation over time.

Turbine Inspection

For wind turbine maintenance, the drone will be able to climb to the top of the wind turbine and take high-quality images of each section of the turbine, which can then be analyzed for potential damage or signs of deterioration.

Bridge Inspection

We will use drones to take images for analysis for both over and under the bridge, taking shots from multiple spots quickly and safely. No large equipment means that inspections can be done without the need to close lanes.