The capabilities of drones have made a huge impact in local and commercial events, including sporting events, festivals, and concerts. There are many creative ways in which using drones to spice up any event. We can use the cameras on the drones to shoot high-quality video or take high-quality photos all in up to 4K. We will also edit the video and photos to be in the desired format and presentation. We can also mount objects to the drone, such as a banner or lights for added effects to promote a brand or such.

Outdoor Festivals

At outdoor festivals such as parades, our drones are great at getting aerial video for live broadcasts. Taking bird’s eye shots and wide shots of the whole event are much more easily feasible; the drones can then quickly move to the next shot in seconds.

Promotional Events

Promotional banners and signs can be attached to the drones to help promote your brand. Large amounts of people gathering at social events will be able to see the sign and learn about about your business.


At concerts, we can use our drones to not only take high-quality video and photos of the crowd’s reactions, but they can also be used to attach lights to shine around the stage and in the audience to add some lighting effects to excite the fans.

Team Sports

Wide, overhead shots in any sports broadcast are very important to for viewers to be able to see the action. The quick reflexes of the drones are able to follow the ball easily. We also shoot video for local and school games.