Video and images shot with a drone can be used to show your business or property from new perspectives. We can use our drones for interesting application, such as video of a guided tour of a home taken from the drone flying inside the house. Video and images will be shot up to 4K, and we will also edit them.

Commercial Real Estate

We can use our drones to take high-quality photos and video of buildings and houses to help assess the value of the property. These can then be used to map out the property, inspect for potential damage, and determine security measures.

High End Residential Flyovers/Walkthroughs

We can use our drones to produce high-quality video and images that can be used to show both the exterior and interior of homes and space to clients. Video can be taken by the drone showing a tour of the property, including flying inside the building.

Country Clubs/Golf Courses

3D maps of golf courses can be created by having the drones fly over the course and capture images. These 3D maps can then be used to help maintain the course; examine the courses that need trees to be trimmed and green that needs to be repaired. These maps can also be used to market the course and club to potential audiences.

Schools and Universities

We use our drones to take high-quality video and photos of the school campus to show what the campus looks like to future students who may want to enroll. We can create a video of a virtual tour of the campus.