Carbonic Group makes infrastructure’s inspections faster, safer and more accurate. UAVs offer more effective inspection and surveillance services that cost a fraction of traditional methods such as helicopters or deploying an army of inspectors on foot. Our disruptive unmanned aerial imaging drones include a range of dedicated aerial imaging solutions for both infrastructure inspection and maintenance as well as site surveillance and security. Examples of UAV applications include but not limited to powerline inspection, powerline digitalization, isolator check, leak detection, emergency inspection, asset management and surveillance.

For potentially hazardous and dangerous situations, our drones can be outfitted with specialized equipment to quickly and efficiently detect potential hazards to work sites or assist during emergency situations to keep the power running. Our drone pilots will work alongside our experts in the given field, all certified in work site safety, to safely and efficiently inspect the site, gather data, and use that data to solve the problem or prevent problems in the future.


Vehicle Detection

We will outfit our drones with equipment designed to be used to detect vehicles. The drone can fly high, giving a bird’s eye view that can automatically detect vehicles on or surrounding industrial installations.

Vegetation Encroachment

When vegetation is suspect to possibly grow onto and choke powerlines and transmission lines, we can use our drones to take images that we can use to accurately determine the distance between the vegetation and the lines, allowing early detection of possible encroachment that can save time and money.

Leak Detection

Laser-based detecting systems will be installed onto our drones to detect gas and liquid leaks using thermal imaging. Leaks can be detected and treated before a potential disaster could occur. All of this can be done without needing to shut down current operations.

Emergency Mapping

In times of emergency such as natural disasters, we can safely deploy our drones to map out the surrounding areas for any damage to use the data to create 3D maps. These are then used for search and evacuation missions and building reconstructions.

Vegetation Height

Our drones can use its built in camera to measure the height of the vegetation in a given area and monitor how vegetation grows over time. A wide shot of the trees can be used to estimate the height of tree canopies.

Isolators Check

Isolators in powerlines need to be maintained on a regular basis. We can safely deploy our drones to perform an isolators check using either or both visual and infrared video to search for any possible issues that need to be addressed.

Power Grids Digitization Check

Lost power can be inconvenient for local residents. In the event of a downed powerline, we can send our drones to fly above and locate the downed powerline quickly and check for damage, allowing workers to repair the powerline faster.